The Hybrid & Electric Vehicles CONFEX 2018 is India's unique and most comprehensive HEV event which provides an unparalleled platform to address critical information on both the technical developments in Hybrid & Electric vehicle technologies, as well as the business decisions surrounding development and implementation. Additionally, it offers attendees the chance to meet with those industry experts and technology specialists from the entire supply chain of EV, HEV and EREV to engage in dialogue about the topics of greatest interest.

In this premier HEV event, attendees learn about the technology OEM hybrid and electric vehicles, powertrain technologies and components, and about supporting technologies like advanced energy storage and charging systems. While they were skeptic initially, the automobile industry has now takeŶ seriously the goverenment's direction of electric-mobility — that a majority of new vehicles on the roads should be hybrid by 2020 — to reduce vehicular pollution and cut the bill on crude oil imports.

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